About Us

Get instant approval for all your Loans in Personal, Business and Home World in one Click.

ClikFin is an online platform which will ease the whole process of loan sanctioning from filling up the loan application until the reimbursement of the loan amount in your accounts. We believe in the importance of time and urgency of a loan to a few ones. Whether you are a small scale business or large scale or could be a low salaried customer but here at ClikFin, we are here to help.

ClikFin offers three kinds of a loan - Business loan, Home loan and Personal Loan.

Business loan - We provide loan for all kind of industry irrespective of being small/large scale business. There will be two categories of a loan as a Professional Business loan and trade loan depending upon whether it is your own firm or a private company

Home loan-Everyone always dream about their house like whether they want to build it, what it will look like. But the availability of money could be a hindrance to building your dream house. But here at ClikFin, we provide an affordable home loan at low interest to make your dream come true.

Personal loan - When things come to a personal loan, it gets a little difficult to get a personal loan reason being there is high-risk involved while sanctioning a personal loan. All of us now that there is no collateral for the personal loan and hence it can increase the chance of customer defaulting on the personal loan.

But here at ClikFin, we assure you a less tedious and quick online process for loan approval.

We have boarded with us different banks like HDFC, ICICI, IDFC etc which will provide you assistance during the process of the loan. We understand that you could be busy with your work or there could be some problem due to which this whole process of the loan could be time-consuming.Hence we have come up with a solution by introducing ClikFin.

We at ClikFin directly provides you with an online application through which you can get registered with us. We have also mentioned all the eligibility criteria for the various loan on our portal along with documents required for the process. So one can easily get the idea about the whole loan process just by sitting at desk whether it's your home or office.

Once you have applied through the online portal the process of loan approval gets started with document verification.Since everything goes through an online process, you don’t have to hustle much about it. After the complete process of document verification and eligibility, the recommended bank with start the transfer of money to your registered bank Account.

So thats how complete process of loan takes place at ClikFin.

Getting a loan, the repayment of EMI’s, duration of a loan, amount of loan whatever issues who have regarding the loan process you can contact us at ClikFin.We ensure you to get the suitable loan as per your requirements which is just a click away from you through Clikfin.