Personal Loan

Get instant approval for all your Loans in Personal, Business and Home World in one Click.

To meet the requirement of people belonging to a various salaried and demographic group we have introduced ClikFin. With ClikFin you can customise your Personal Loan according to your financial condition. ClikFin is an online platform where you can apply for the Personal Loan.

Personal Loan is basically defined as unsecured loan taken from banks or non - banking financial institutions. Because there is high risk associated with Personal Loans, with less rate of interest. Risk factors are involved because there is no collateral required while applying for a Personal Loan. If a person defaults on a Personal Loan than it impacts its credit score.

Eligibility Criteria -
Age- the age of the person should be from 21 to 52 yrs
Occupation- Could be self-employed/ Salaried
Monthly salary- should have minimum of INR 15,000

Document requires-
3 Months Salary Slip
KYC document
Address Proof
Bank statement in pdf/poc form

The process of Personal loan sanctioning

  • 1) Get yourself registered at ClikFin
  • 2) Fill the online form available for Personal Loans
  • 3) Qualifies the Minimum criteria
  • 4) Document verification by personal loan brokers in Bangalore at ClikFin
  • 5) Once the verification and documentation are done and approved, the loan with will be sanctioned in your bank account.

EMI depends upon the amount. But usually, it is offered to have a Maximum amount of EMIs for short tenure for a personal loan at Bangalore. Reason being shorter the tenure of EMI lesser interest amount you have to pay on a monthly basis along with Principle amount.