General Questions

To apply for a loan, please follow the instructions given below: 

  1. Download: Download and install the ClikFin App from Google Play Store, create an account with basic KYC details, and then submit.
  1. Get verified and approved: The submitted details will be verified by our team. After the account verification, we will check your eligible loan limit and approve the loan.
  2. Get instant cash: After the approval, enter your bank account and consent to our loan agreement on the ClikFin App. Once this is done, you will receive the approved loan amount in your bank account within 5 minutes. 

The loan amount will be sanctioned to you based on two important criteria:

  1. Your basic information details that you submitted
  2. Your credit Score Report 

The eligibility criteria to get a personal loan from ClikFin are as follows:

  1. You must be a resident of India 
  2. Your age must be between 21-56 years 
  3. Salaried or self-employed having a monthly source of income 

Apart from this, documents like a valid PAN and address proof are also mandatory.

The minimum loan amount is ₹20000/ and the maximum loan amount is  ₹500000/-.  However, the loan amount that we will approve depends entirely on your eligible credit Score limit that is based on your profile. 

As of now, ClikFin App is only available for Android Mobile users. 

You can use our instant loan service for any purposes, like say: 

  1. Vacation 
  2. Home remodeling 
  3. Debt consolidation 
  4. Wedding expenses 
  5. Medical emergencies 
  6. Any other emergency expenses 

About Borrow Loan

We are located in HSR layout, Bangalore – 560102, Karnataka, India

ClikFin charges a processing fee, which is a one-time fee charged on the loan per request.  This amount is charged due to the cost ClikFin incurs on the consent of the Loan  Agreement.

On clicking the ‘E-Sign with Aadhaar’ option in ClikFin App, you will receive two OTPs – 

  • The first OTP will be sent to you on the mobile number that is registered with the  ClikFin app. This OTP will be sent via SMS instantly. In case you didn’t receive the  SMS, you can either restart your phone or try again after a while.
  • The second OTP will be sent to the mobile number and email ID that is linked  with your Aadhar. In case you didn’t receive this OTP, you can either contact  UIDAI or your nearest Aadhaar center.

On clicking this option, you can access the agreement content page. At the same time,  ClikFin will send an OTP to the registered mobile number. You will be expected to enter  the OTP. Entering the OTP means you have consented to ClikFin’s Loan Agreement. 

After You Apply

The reason for the rejection of your loan application could be due to a poor credit score,  invalid KYC details, or any information discrepancy.  It is not always or necessarily a reflection of your creditworthiness. and hence, we advise  our customers to re-apply for a loan in 90 days in such cases.

Once you enter your personal information with KYC documents and bank account, we will  verify all the submitted details and will update you via SMS and Push Notification for  approval. Once we receive your approval, you will need to give consent to our loan  agreement. After that, we will directly transfer the approved loan amount into your bank  account. 

You can increase your credit limit by applying for more loans and making timely  repayments. However, increasing the credit limit also depends on other factors like your monthly  income, credit history, etc. 

Your loan amount depends on your credit history. On availing for more loans and  repaying on time, you can increase your credit limit. This is a continuous process and  hence, the credit data and the loan amount will increase gradually.

In-App Support

To change the bank account details in the ClikFin app, navigate to My Account ->  Bank Card option. 

To change your mobile number in the profile, please write to us at  Please ensure you share the previous mobile number and the new mobile number along  with your KYC documents (selfie, PAN Card and Address Proof) in the email body.  FYI – As your funds are tied to your mobile number and KYC details, contacting us for  updating your personal information is mandatory. 

Worry not! We care about your personal information and we respect your decision of  choosing our services. We promise to keep your data 100% safe and secure. You can read our Privacy Policy.

FYI – All the transactions made are secured via 256-bit SSL encryption and the data is  transferred over secured connections.